Frontend Manager – What and Why?

The Marketplace is an exceptional platform that offers an extensive array of features, making it the ultimate solution for building, operating, and growing your Handmade crafters store. With our robust feature list, The Marketplace empowers you with all the functionalities you need to thrive in our multi-seller, handmade crafters marketplace arena. Let's explore the standout features that sets's Marketplace apart as the best choice for your online business:


With CraftHive365, sellers can easily configure the refund settings for their store, providing a seamless experience. CraftHive365 empowers sellers to determine if refunds should be auto-approved and set the permissible refund period in terms of days. Sellers gain full control over the refund process, ensuring customer satisfaction and a smooth operation for their store.


Our Ledger Book feature provides sellers and with the easiest way to conveniently monitor all their store transactions, including refunds, partial-refunds, and charges. The best part is that you can access this feature directly from your store's frontend, making it incredibly convenient and accessible for sellers.


CraftHive365 enables customers to raise inquiries under each product, providing a seamless communication channel. Vendors receive instant notifications for new queries, ensuring timely responses. Moreover, all previous inquiries are listed as frequently asked questions (FAQs), streamlining the support process. This interactive system operates directly on the frontend, serving as a direct mechanism of communication between buyers and sellers.


With CraftHive365, you have the convenience of defining all types of policies for your store and products directly from the frontend, greatly reducing any associated hassles. Store policies play a vital role in any e-commerce site, and now with CraftHive365, you can easily set up the following policies: Shipping Policy, Refund Policy, Cancellation/Return/Exchange Policy. By utilising CraftHive365, you gain full control over defining these policies, ensuring transparency and clarity for your customers.


CraftHive365 Frontend Manager empowers sellers to effortlessly set their store's opening and closing hours. With this feature, sellers can conveniently define their preferred operating hours, ensuring accurate information for customers. Additionally, sellers have the flexibility to set specific days as week off days, providing them with the ability to customise their store's schedule according to their preferences and business needs. CraftHive365 Frontend Manager simplifies the process of managing store hours, allowing vendors to maintain a consistent and reliable schedule.


CraftHive365 offers a convenient Store Holiday feature, allowing sellers to temporarily close their online store for a specific period of time. This feature enables sellers to take a well-deserved holiday while ensuring their customers are informed about the temporary closure. By utilising Store holiday, sellers can easily set their desired dates for the store closure, giving them the opportunity to relax and enjoy their time off. As a result, both sellers and administrators can have peace of mind knowing that the store is temporarily closed and customers are informed accordingly.


CraftHive365 now provides sellers with the ability to configure review settings, allowing them to effectively manage the reviews received for their store. With this feature, sellers can customise how they handle and respond to reviews, ensuring a streamlined review management process.


CraftHive365 provides sellers with a comprehensive shipping management system for their store. With this feature, sellers can easily configure shipping options directly from the frontend, offering flexibility and convenience. Whether it's setting up shipping options based on countries, zones, or weight, sellers have full control over how they handle shipping logistics. This functionality allows sellers to tailor their shipping options to meet the specific needs and preferences of their customers. CraftHive365 simplifies the process of managing shipping, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for both sellers and customers.

Shipping Tracking

CraftHive365 offers sellers a convenient way to manage their shipped items through various stages. Sellers have the option to add a tracking code and URL for each sold item, allowing customers to track their orders seamlessly. Sellers can mark the items as shipped once they have been dispatched, and customers can mark them as received upon receipt. This efficient tracking system keeps both sellers and customers informed about the status of their orders. Sellers also have the ability to mark their orders as completed once all necessary actions have been taken. This comprehensive feature streamlines the order management process and facilitates clear communication between sellers, customers, and administrators.


CraftHive365's Delivery Addon integrated with Frontend Manager empowers sellers to efficiently manage product deliveries. With unlimited delivery persons, scalability and flexibility are ensured. Sellers can assign specific delivery persons to orders, streamlining the process and ensuring timely fulfillment. Utilizing the frontend interface, sellers receive instant delivery notifications for status updates. This comprehensive Addon, combined with CraftHive365's Frontend Manager, offers full control and visibility over deliveries. It enhances efficiency and provides a seamless experience for Sellers and customers alike.

Category wise Attributes

CraftHive365 simplifies attribute management for sellers, allowing them to effortlessly add and map attributes to products from the frontend. This feature enhances product listings by specifying accurate and relevant details such as size, color, and material. Sellers can map attributes to categories, facilitating easy filtering and searching for customers. This streamlined process empowers sellers to showcase their products effectively, providing comprehensive information for buyers. CraftHive365 optimises product listings, simplifying attribute management for a better shopping experience.

Store GEO Location & Radius Search

CraftHive365 offers advanced Store GEO Location & Radius Search, solving the challenge of product location/address. Sellers seamlessly integrate location functionalities into their store using compatible solutions. Location information can be added to products, enabling customers to perform radius-based searches and find products near a specific location. This feature improves the user experience and facilitates location-based product discovery. CraftHive365's compatibility with location and mapping tools empowers sellers to optimise their store and provide a personalised shopping experience.

Store SEO

CraftHive365 provides sellers with the capability to individually configure the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) of their store directly from the frontend. This feature allows sellers to optimise their store's visibility on search engines by strategically placing relevant keywords. By utilising CraftHive365's frontend interface, sellers can easily identify and incorporate appropriate keywords throughout their store's content, including product descriptions, titles, categories, and other relevant sections. This SEO configuration feature empowers sellers to enhance their store's search engine rankings and attract more organic traffic.

Store Article

CraftHive365 empowers sellers to publish articles from the frontend, boosting store sales and authenticity. This feature enables sharing of valuable content, such as product reviews or industry insights, directly with customers. Through frontend publishing, sellers establish expertise and credibility. Articles engage customers, offer valuable information, and showcase unique products or services. By sharing relevant content, sellers attract a larger audience, foster trust, and drive sales. CraftHive365 puts sellers in control of content creation, enhancing overall online business success.

Store Coupon

CraftHive365 enables seamless frontend coupon configuration and generation for sellers. This feature grants full control over promotional campaigns, offering enticing discounts. Using the frontend interface, sellers can easily set up coupon parameters, including amount, validity, and usage limits. Customisable codes and specific rules ensure targeted promotions. Configuring and generating coupons directly from the frontend streamlines the process, eliminating complex backend management. This empowers sellers to attract and retain customers, boosting sales and fostering loyalty. CraftHive365's coupon management optimises marketing strategies, driving increased traffic and conversions.

Media Manager

CraftHive365 enables frontend media management for sellers, eliminating admin panel access. Sellers can conveniently configure and organize media files, including images and videos. Using the frontend editor, sellers can upload, edit, and arrange media files for visual consistency. This feature streamlines media library management, allowing for easy updates and appealing content. With CraftHive365, sellers save time and effort while maintaining up-to-date and visually appealing media. The frontend media management feature empowers sellers with full control over their store's assets, enhancing store management.

Seller Verfication

CraftHive365 offers a verification feature for sellers to enhance trust and credibility. By submitting documents and connecting social accounts, sellers establish themselves as trusted merchants. Verified sellers are marked with a visible badge, indicating their authenticity. Connecting social accounts reinforces credibility and online presence. CraftHive365's verification feature instills trust in customers and provides a competitive advantage for reputable sellers.

Support Ticket

CraftHive365's Support Ticket System streamlines customer query submission. Customers select query category, product, urgency, and provide details. A ticket is issued for systematic tracking, with notifications for replies. Customers can manage priority and status in their account, adding replies when necessary. This system simplifies query resolution, providing convenient and faster support. CraftHive365 addresses inquiries promptly and efficiently, enhancing the support experience.

Live Chat

CraftHive365 offers a Live Chat feature for spontaneous customer-seller communication. It resolves queries promptly, increasing sales. Customers can initiate real-time conversations, receiving immediate assistance. Live Chat facilitates quick and efficient communication for product inquiries, store policies, and order assistance. Direct interaction enhances satisfaction, trust, and sales. Sellers address concerns, provide recommendations, and offer real-time support for a positive shopping experience. CraftHive365's Live Chat improves customer service, establishes relationships, and contributes to store success.

Store Invoice

CraftHive365 allows sellers to process store-wise invoices, customizing them as needed. This feature generates accurate and professional invoices for each transaction. Sellers can configure details like the store logo, address, and contact information, aligning with their brand identity. Store-wise invoices enable systematic transaction records and facilitate smooth financial operations. Customers receive well-structured invoices, enhancing the shopping experience and providing clarity on pricing and payment details. CraftHive365 streamlines the invoicing process, ensuring professionalism and accuracy in financial transactions, benefiting both sellers and customers.

Product Custom Fields

CraftHive365 enables sellers to add custom fields to their products, enhancing relevance and viability. Adding and managing custom fields is convenient and user-friendly on the front-end. Sellers can define fields specific to their products, capturing important information for customers. Custom field types like text, dropdown, checkboxes, or date fields can be chosen. Front-end access simplifies product management, tailoring listings to meet audience preferences. CraftHive365's front-end custom fields feature empowers sellers to showcase products effectively, providing comprehensive information for potential buyers and driving sales.

Bulk & Quick Edit

CraftHive365's Bulk & Quick Edit feature streamlines product updates for sellers. Instead of editing each product individually, sellers can make changes to multiple products simultaneously. This saves time and effort, especially for stock and price updates. The user-friendly interface allows easy modification of attributes like stock levels, prices, and descriptions. Changes can be swiftly applied to selected products, ensuring consistency. CraftHive365's Bulk & Quick Edit simplifies product management, saves time, and enhances productivity for sellers.

Product Importer / Exporter

CraftHive365's Product Importer/Exporter simplifies inventory management for sellers. This integrated feature allows easy export and import of product data. Sellers can export existing product data for backup or analysis. Importing new products from a compatible file format eliminates manual data entry, saving time. Sellers can effortlessly import product information, including title, description, pricing, and availability. CraftHive365's frontend Product Importer/Exporter enhances productivity, ensuring accurate and rapid integration of new products into the store.

Bulk Stock manager

CraftHive365's Bulk Stock Manager simplifies stock management by allowing you to update all products with a single click. This time-saving feature eliminates manual updates for each product, increasing efficiency. With bulk stock updates, you can modify quantities for all products simultaneously, saving time and effort. The user-friendly interface enables you to specify desired stock quantities, ensuring consistency and accuracy. CraftHive365's Bulk Stock Manager streamlines inventory control, leading to improved customer satisfaction and accurate stock levels.

Bookings & Appointments

CraftHive365 provides a dedicated Booking Calendar for sellers to manage reservations and appointments. This feature allows efficient scheduling and avoids conflicts. Sellers have control over availability and can block specific dates or time slots. Manual bookings can be created for special requests or custom services. CraftHive365 empowers sellers to cater to customer needs and personalize booking experiences. The Booking Calendar streamlines management, increases customer satisfaction, and boosts bookings for sellers.

Simple Auctions

CraftHive365 offers a dedicated Auction Dashboard for sellers to monitor and manage product auctions. This centralised hub ensures efficient auction management. Sellers can easily track progress, view key details, and make informed decisions. The dashboard allows adjustments to auction settings and facilitates bidder interaction. CraftHive365's Auction Dashboard provides a convenient platform for sellers to control and maximise their auction activities, ensuring visibility and successful auctions.

Groups & Staffs

CraftHive365 offers a robust feature that allows sellers to add managers and staff members to their stores, enabling efficient delegation of tasks and effective store management. This feature provides sellers with the flexibility to allocate specific responsibilities to their team members as required. By adding managers and staff, sellers can share the workload and streamline operations within their store. Sellers can assign tasks, roles, and permissions to their team members, ensuring that each individual has clear responsibilities and access to the necessary tools and resources.

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